Hero Arya as a Co-passenger, surprised Metro Passengers

cinema | Written by : IANS | Updated: Fri, May 19, 2017, 01:04 PM

Seeing your celebrity close to you is a joy to remember throughout your life. Chennai metro passengers enjoyed the same. Arya took the Chennai Star Metro train to the passenger's surprise home.

Arya tour was not the first time in the recently opened Chennai Underground Metro. He said, he took the metro to reach his home several times to avoid traffic and he loved the ride. With the underground metro, the star can save time and energy when he is dropped in his destination at 30 minutes.

He wore a mask all the time he traveled to avoid the shock of fans. When the train reached Nehru Park from Anna Nagar on the train, the passengers could not understand what they were seeing and their initials were inundated. As the crowd grew, the train was not completed, down at Shenoy Nagar and back in the metro and back to Anna Nagar. 

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