Nithiin’s ‘LIE’ Movie Review

Nithiin’s ‘LIE’ Movie Review

cinema | Written by : Suryaa Desk | Updated: Fri, Aug 11, 2017, 12:52 PM


HYDERABAD,AUG 11: After the big success of ‘A..Aa’, Nithiin has teamed up with Hanu Raghavapudi, who scored a super hit like ‘Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha’, for the movie, ‘LIE’. Produced by 14 Reels Entertainment, this movie has been making excellent buzz ever since the release of the first poster and the recently released theatrical trailer has upped the hype around the film. ‘Action King’ Arjun played the villain in this movie. This movie has been released today. Read on to know how the film is.

Story : The film opens in the perspective of Padmanabham (Arjun), a rich and intelligent businessman with a strange obsession. His obsession is strong and he gets into troubles because of it. A.Satyam (Nithiin) is a self-confessed liar. He doesn’t speak truth come what may and goes to any extent to save his reputation of being a liar. This liar falls in love with a miser named Chaitra (Megha Akash). She falls for his sweet lies. All seems well till Satyam gets hold of a mysterious box and many, including Padmanabham, start chasing him. How is Padmabham connected to it and why he wants it? Who is Satyam in the first place ? Why he goes to US and why he locks horns with Padmabham ? What are the roles of Ravikishan, Ajay and Sriram ? Watch the film to know more.

Technical aspects : The movie looks very rich. Yuvaraj’s cinematography is extraordinary. He captures the beauty of US very well and the songs were well shot. Manisharma’s BGM is of international standards. It is good to see such a great work from the senior music director. The production values of 14 Reels Entertainment are excellent. The action episodes, especially the climax fight, are excellent. The story of the film is very fresh and it has a very intelligent screenplay, particularly in the second half. The battle of wits has been showcased well. Hanu Raghavapudi excels as a director. This movie will sure be a game changer for him.

Performances : Nithiin has given his career best performance. He performs superbly in this role with different shades. He is particularly good in the action scenes. Megha Akash is a very good find. She is here to stay. Her chemistry with Nithiin is striking. ‘Action King’ Arjun gets to play a role, which is very different compared to all his previous movies. Though he has acted in 150 films, this is the first time he was seen in such a different role. Sriram plays a very crucial role in the movie. Ravikishan, Ajay and others play important roles in the movie.Madhu Nandan provides comic relief.

Plus Points
Story, screenplay, and direction
Nithiin and Arjun’s characterizations
Beautiful love scenes
Cinematography and background score
Action episodes, especially climax,Mind game

Minus Points
Less comedy quotient in second half