Mahesh Babu Gave Clarity On His Kiss

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Mahesh Babu's latest movie Bharath Ane Nenu moving forward with the public positive talk.And Mahesh Babu for the first time ever, did not shy to share a private moment in his life.He shared a picture of him kissing his wife on social media and said, "Thank you, Love!" 

When asked about it, in a recent interview, he said, "I was under pressure to deliver a huge hit from past two years. It was not just me, she was also under pressure. "She knew how people can talk about an actor when that person has to deliver a hit. So, she understood me and even took a lot of pressure. 

"So, that was an emotional moment for me and her. To thank her, I shared it online," said Mahesh Babu. He also said that his mother liked the film and he felt really happy that he got to release a film on her birthday. He revealed that his father enjoyed the success of the movie and blessed him to get more and more successes.