Kalyan Ram Naa Nuvve Creates Record views Social Media

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Without doubt, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is looking damn fabulous in the trailer of 'Naa Nuvve' that was released yesterday. His makeover is appreciated by the media.The film's trailer looked quite cool with bright visuals by legendary cameraman PC Sreeram. Overall, the trailer received positive buzz.

However, the fact remains that it didn't have anything unusual to make every Teluguite to check out the trailer. Nor does the movie have big names. Then how come the trailer achieved seven million views in just 24 hours? This is the question that is being raised by netizens on the social media.

Only big star movies achieve such massive views in 24 hours. Interestingly, the netizens point out that the trailer received mere 1 million views in the first 12 hours, but it zoomed up the views in the next twelve hours to achieve another 6 million views.

Everyone must be enamoured by Kalyan Ram's damn good image makeover!