49P law trends peak in Google search after Sarkar release

cinema | Written by : Suryaa Desk | Updated: Thu, Nov 08, 2018, 11:38 AM


Vijay’s Sarkar movie that got released 2 days back received poor reviews from critics in Telugu as well as in Tamil. But the controversies and the trends it creating generating curiosity among common audience. Already there is a controversy as AIADMK leaders alleging that Sarkar movie insulted Jayalalitha and her schemes that generated curiosity among people. Now there is one more news about Sarkar.

Sun Pictures, the producer of the movie, shared the statistical report and tweeted through it’s official handle, “Google search trends peak for #49P after the release of #Sarkar. Actually, Sarkar film revolves around section 49 P, an important election law, that allows a person to have the right to get back his/her ballot back and vote, if in case, someone voted in that person’s name. Sarkar discusses about this law elaborately in the movie as the core point of the