Janhvi Kapoor's Sister Got Rape Threats

cinema | Written by : Suryaa Desk | Updated: Wed, Nov 28, 2018, 01:01 PM


Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor shared the couch for Season 6 of Koffee With Karan. Host Karan Johar asked the two to call up a family member and make them say, 'Hey, Karan, It's Me'. Janhvi dialed the number of her sister Anshula. Soon after she answered the call, Arjun Kapoor asked Anshula not to say anything and she followed the order of her Brother. That's how Arjun Kapoor won the round which was meant for fun.After the episode was aired on TV, Netizens began trolling Anshula for supporting her brother during the task. Anshula was abused and she had even received rape threats.

Arjun Kapoor shot back at the trolls, 'Something I assumed was an absolute non-issue on Koffee With Karan has escalated into Anshula being abused and I can't be bothered by protocol anymore. F**k all those trolls who wish harm to my sister. I hope your mom or sister never have to go through what you have put us through'.

Karan Johar claimed he never expected the harmless fun game would evoke negative reaction. He opined, 'People genuinely need to stop this intense negativity'.

Sharing a picture of herself and Anshula, Janhvi explained: 'When I called her, She was unable to hear Me at all. So, She asked Me after the show what the call was all about. My Sister started getting rape threats and it was weird to me because people on social media are faceless'.