'Japan' trailer reveals Karthi as an eccentric, murderous, arrogant, thief

cinema |  IANS  | Published : Sun, Oct 29, 2023, 03:23 PM

Chennai, Oct 29 (IANS) Tamil star Karthi’s film ‘Japan’ has released its trailer and shows the actor in an eccentric, murderous, thrill-seeking, arrogant, and hedonistic new avatar as the titular character.

Earlier in the teaser, the Karthi-starrer had shown the actor’s persona to be that of a thrill-seeking thief with a murderous attitude. In the trailer, it picks up on that and expands further on his new persona.

The trailer starts off in a very simple fashion in a village area by the sea, as Karthi’s character Japan narrates the story of a young fish that began digging in holes for his food such as scorpions, crocodiles, crabs. Before he knew, the fish had dug so many holes that he transformed into a whale.

This cuts to Karthi’s character raising himself up in the underworld as he soon gains a penchant for theft. Committing the biggest heist of his career ever, Japan ends up robbing over Rs 200 crores in his heist.

But Japan doesn’t just stop with his heist because he ends up killing a state minister. Now the heist combined with this high profile murder, sets the entire state police loose as the police of Tamil Nadu and Kerala conduct a joint operation to catch the man who is believed to be hiding somewhere in a border area between the two states.

The chase sequence then cuts to Japan killing various criminals who are trying to hunt him, ruthlessly murdering them with cleavers, with his fists and even smashing their heads.

The police are no less violent, because as they are chasing their high-profile target, they ruthlessly torture criminals suspected of being connected with Japan with one scene even showing an officer digging his thumbs onto a suspect’s closed eyes, and pressing them hard making them scream in pain.

There are also various scenes of Karthi’s character being surrounded by the police though he ends up escaping them. Inside a vehicle, the actor tells a girl his fish story, which is in fact an allegory of himself.

Unbothered by the police or his crimes, Japan is only focused on having fun as he says that when surrounded by enemies on all sides, all you can do is have fun. This shows him being chased by the cops and even being shot at, though the actor is still completely unbothered.

Hysterical, brutal, dark, violent, and absolutely filled with energy, Karthi’s ‘Japan’ trailer exudes pure fun as it infuses some morbid dark comedy with action and heist-thriller elements.

Featuring some great set designs, VFX, and music, ‘Japan’ is directed-written by Raju Murugan. Apart from the ‘Viruman’ actor, the film also stars Anu Emmanuel, Jithan Ramesh, K.S Ravikumar, and Sunil. The movie will hit theatres on Diwali.

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