Tharun Bhascker to make special appearance in 'Mangalavaaram' song 'Appadappada Tandra'

cinema |  IANS  | Published : Fri, Nov 03, 2023, 11:13 AM

Telugu cinema director and writer Tharun Bhascker has detailed his role in the upcoming film ‘Mangalavaram’. Revealed to be a cameo, Tharun has said that his role is merely relegated to a dance track in the film’s end credits called ‘Appadappada Tandra’.

After the success of his film ‘Keeda Cola’, the director suddenly caught the masses by surprise when he announced that he is set to make a special appearance in Ajay Bhupathi’s psychological-supernatural horror-thriller film.

Initially, there were some plans for the ‘Meeku Maathrame Cheptha’ director to be a character in the film though since then, that idea has been dropped.

Talking to some kids, he revealed that he will only be doing a cameo in the track’s dance sequence as he was headed off to Hyderabad which was at a 30-minutes' distance.

The trailer for the film dropped on October 21, where it featured a dark and bleak aesthetic as it took place in a small village somewhere in Andhra Pradesh during an older time, presumably the 1980’s or the 1990’s.

There is a string of mysterious murders occurring in the village which has scared people to no end while it also seems like there are some occult or black magic practices taking place, as obscure and ominous messages come on a wall from an unknown person all the while as multiple murders and daylight hangings are happening.

A villager who is most likely an occultist says that it is the wrath of their goddess, and due to these killings happening on certain dates marking some religious occasion.

Directed by Ajay Bhupathi, ‘Mangalavaaram’ stars Payal Rajput in the lead, supported by Nanditha Swetha, Divya Pillai, Azmal, Ravindra Vijay, Krishna Chaitanya, Ajay Gosh, Shravan Reddy, Srithej, in pivotal roles and will hit theatres on November 17.

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