Prasanth Varma's epic 'HanuMan' promises magic with stellar Hindi dialogues

cinema |  IANS  | Published : Thu, Dec 21, 2023, 02:35 PM

New Delhi, Dec 21 (IANS) The 'HanuMan' trailer offers a sneak peek into Prasanth Varma's cinematic universe, enchanting fans nationwide with India's first homegrown superhero film.

Varma's passion project not only breaks free from the conventional mould, but also weaves together a captivating superhero tale with stellar Hindi dialogues that elevates the viewing experience.

Varma has time and again asserted that 'HanuMan' is more than just a movie -- it is the inception of an epic cinematic universe, showcasing the power of creativity and passion.

The trailer unfolds the story of an ordinary man who discovers extraordinary abilities, transforming his life into a riveting battle of good versus evil, accompanied by punchy and memorable Hindi dialogues that resonate with the audience and are whistle-worthy.

In 'HanuMan', the local cultural essence beautifully resonates through carefully crafted Hindi dialogues, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience.

The film's effort to capture the spirit of Hanuman is evident in every sentence, where the dialogues seamlessly blend with the cultural fabric, embodying the strength and devotion associated with the epic hero. The audience is treated to a genuine portrayal of the mystical world of Anjanadri, where the power of language converges with the essence of Hanuman's spirit, creating a truly captivating story tailormade for the big screen.

As 'HanuMan' hits theatres on January 12, 2024, it promises a celebration of heroism and culture on the big screen.

The film is being presented by RKD Studios, with PrimeShow Entertainment (Niranjan Reddy) is the producer. Venkat Kumar Jetty is the film's Line Producer.

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