Pawan Kalyan movie title not finalised yet

cinema | Written by : Suryaa Desk | Updated:


The combination of Trivikram and Pawankalyan is always a blockbuster!! They are planning to have another hit in their account. The title of the movie has got registered. But there is no official announcement from the makers of the film. There is a talk that instead of making direct announcement, the title has been leaked so that it would reach the audience and  fans of pawan kalyan to create sensation about the film.
Industry talks that "Trivikram had already decided the title "Agnathavasi" and thought to release on Pawan Kalyan's birthday. Even the title has got fixed it was not announced officially to avoid negative feedback. Instead, the concept poster along with a music bit got released. And now the title has a good response so the makers of the film were planning to announce the title officially."
Keeping all these aside, according to the social media the fans are already got connected to the title "Agnathavasi". In case if there is any negative feedback about the title, Trivikram has three other titles in his mind to decide another one.
The makers of the film decided to announce the title officially on the occasion of Diwali. But it seems like it could be postponed. Anyways, let's wait and watch!!!