PSV Garudavega trailer super hit!!!

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Dr. Rajasekhar, the Angry Young Man of Tollywood had been directed as a hero by Praveen Sattar for the movie PSV Garudavega with the budget about 25 crore. Even though there is no market for Rajasekhar, the concept has made producers to keep the budget on the movie.
The trailer of this film which came with the appearance of Hollywood screenplay is making the audience feel curious about the film and fans are being entertained. This movie trailer has been released by Balakrishna. The story is based on "The mischievious thing that is happening for Hyderabad while Agent Sekhar tries to find it through a mission." The story projection is not perfect but in terms of production the trailer has its richness.
This film is technically advanced. Pooja Kumar is starring opposite Rajasekhar. Sunny Leone can be seen in an item song. Praveen Sattar has shown that the movie will be a hit with a movie trailer.
In addition to the content based story, the action entertainer is technically cinematic. Action fight sequences are mindblowing. The release of the film is on November 3. Let's see whether this film would take Raja sekhar into a hit track.