Tamil director Bala to direct Arjun Reddy

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Vikram who is known for different jonour movies is playing a safe game by introducing his son "Dhruva" as a hero in a remake of Tollywood's recent blockbuster hit "Arjun Reddy". Dhruva doesn't match to the looks and the maturity levels of Vijay Devarakonda. ariety has been cast as a veteran of Vikram's son Dhruv to play the hero. Vikram is remaking the blockbuster Arjun Reddy in Telugu. Look like Vijay Devarakonda, Maturity is not in Dhruv. Arjun Reddy Fans stated that he will not fit to this character.
Arjun Reddy remake itself is an experiment, Vikram took the film and put it in the hands of his teacher Bala. Bala did not have success these days. However, Vikram handed him the responsibility of making Arjun Reddy. Bala movies are varied with some kind of dark themes.
Can Bala get back the bold movie like Arjun Reddy? Can Vikram agree to show Dhruva as bold in his first film? Will the film be good enough to carry the honesty in Arjun Reddy's film?