Kathi Mahesh Once Again Reacts on Pawan Kalyan ?

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There is a war happening between Pawan Kalyan fans and popular film personality Mahesh Kathi. From the last four months, Mahesh Kathi is trying to concentrate on his work but PK fans are disturbing him everywhere.

Mahesh has made his stand clear about it multiple times. After months of debates and discussions, we have come to know that the fans finally ended their war with Mahesh Kathi.

Kathi Mahesh might have been an extreme loyalist of YSRCP and says 'Jee Huzeeri' to the party. Kathi might have been getting inputs from the same party to hurl brickbat on Power Star Pawan Kalyan, TDP and BJP. And Kathi might have been an aspirant of MLA ticket from YSRCP in 2019's general elections. Yet, it appears there is a truth in Kathi's comments on Janasena chief. Kathi Mahesh took to his twitter handle to tear apart Pawan Kalyan's new home and Janasena office foundation story laying ceremonies.

Kathi doubted if TDP bore special flight charges of Power Star from Hyderbad to Guntur. Kathi also doubted if there was an involvement of TDP and BJP leaders in land deals. And true to Kathi's words, Pawan Kalyan couldn't  give explanation when he was quizzed by journos why had he been maintaining extreme soft corner on TDP. That's why it appears, there is a truth in Kathi's comments on Pawan Kalyan.